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green energy

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The future of SunMoney Community Solar Power Program is in our hands

We have the chance amongst the first in the world to participate in the program, in which the money you invest into the solar packages - under certain conditions - will be definitely more than you have started with. For the solar panels used in the SunMoney Community Solar Power Program the manufacturer gives a operational and performance warranty of 25 years...

The solar panels are the assurence of your income

The price of electricity by 2014, increased an annual average of 7.6% in the last 18 years, in contrast, yields on bank deposits have declined steadily ...
By 2060, the world demand for electricity will be doubled...

Earn money with green energy - own sustainable (passive) income

The SunMoney Community Solar Program divides the produced goods among members contained in the compensation plan.
Our basic principle is the fair and just distribution of the income generated from the solar panels. Our goal is that the members should earn enough passive income to sustain a worry free life.

Our goal is to expand our 1st generation reform business community with more and more people. As with any business, SunMoney based on investment. Without investment there is no activity, since this is a necessary tool to earn enough income to get on with life easily. Moreover, our business model is also based on environmentally conscious thinking, and the principle that thousands of people, hundreds of thousands and millions could take part in a community solar power plant program. The goods produced by the community solar power system, SunMoney fairly distributes. Our goal is to change people's lives for the better by make them interested in the spreading the use of green energy.

Be environmentally conscious!

The modern world of the 21st century needs enterprises, which are doing business with environmental consciousness.  SunMoney’s goal is to give the world back to our grandchildren as beautifully, as we borrowed it from our parents.  

Company management

Dr. Levente Toth


Gabor Eisenbart


Krisztina Bende

Office Manager

Join a just and fair business community!

With SunMoney, you can be a part of the process that results in providing  green energy to corners of the world, where there is currently no or only very irregular electric power supply is available.

We want to make SunMoney the largest worldwide environmental protection program ever.

Join us, to provide the benefits of renewable energy to everyone.